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Public institutions

Your mission becomes our mission!
Whether you are a research institution or located in the field of education, health, culture or security ... Our archive solutions adapt to your needs.

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You lack the know-how of managing your assets efficiently?
Intelligent archive solutions preserve media assets and make them accessible for internal & external purposes and inquiries.

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Film production companies

How can reusable content be monetized?
We identify high quality content and help to make it available to the corresponding, appreciative channels.

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Efficiency and productiveness are your main focus?
With our Media Services, media assets are archived to suit your needs: for internal productions, for external sales or for the creation of new program formats.

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Your challenge: preserving analogue values
We support and advise you on the question of suitable storage solutions as well as ways of monetizing your content.

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Framepool Media Services Modular flexibility

Intelligent Archive Solutions for Your Media

@FramepoolRS, we connect media companies with the massive and growing demand for digital content that inspires, entertains, educates, promotes, and reminds us of where we have been, and what is possible.
In close partnership with our clients, we unlock archive value and enable content creators to transact with businesses that need access to premium sources of digital images and video.

Our approach from migration to monetization brings to market an unparalleled solution for global archives and content consumers.

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Metadata Management


Storage Solutions


Content Licensing


Archive Related Services


Media Gateway




Media Services


TVibe | tvibe.com

Since 2007 we’ve developed a creative collection of services which currently provide many international media companies with efficient and cost-effective solutions.

There’s tDigital for ingest, storage, encoding, reversioning and delivery. There’s strong>tAccess for multi-language subtitling, dubbing, audio description and translation. There’s tData for time-based metadata, Deep EPG and rich metadata.

Our in-house developed tButton is a unique and powerful information library and delivery platform. tButton offers 3rd party digital platforms a wealth of multi-language subtitling, dubbing, timed-based metadata, Deep EPG and rich metadata. It gives the audience the ability to download the tButton application onto tablet and smartphone, offering access to a vast array of functions and information from anywhere and on any platform.

TVibe is growing. Every year we receive more work from happy clients and more work from new clients in many different countries. Our clients trust us. And why wouldn’t they? We deliver tailor-made solutions quickly, creatively and cost-effectively.

Prasad Corp | prasadcorp.com

Prasad Corp is one of the largest, totally integrated digital post production services provider incorporating the latest technologies with the finest infrastructure.

A pioneer in film and video post production, we offer the entire range of digital services including Digitization of Film and Tape, Digital Film Restoration, Digital Archiving, Media Asset Management, VFX, Rotoscoping, Digital Intermediate, Remastering, Up-Conversion and 3D Movie Production Solutions. The projects served by us include Academy Award Winners, Golden Globe Award Winners and several other National and International Award Winners.

Digital Film Technology GmbH founded in 1945, manufacturers of World Renowned Film Scanners "Scanity" and "Scanity HDR" is a Prasad Corp Company(www.dft-film.com)

dft | dft-film.com

dft has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years providing solutions for film post production, archive and restoration markets with a range of high quality, leading edge products and services. dft is head quartered in Germany with a large network of sales, service and support centers worldwide.

DDB | deutsche-digitale-bibliothek.de

Media Services FAQ

Costs depend on the amount of material, formats, the selected modules and the resulting wishes and requirements for an archive solution. If you are interested in monetizing your content (see "How can I re-use my / our content?") a model which offsets costs against proceeds is available.
Once we receive your tapes (via courier) they will de digitalized on-site and the analogue tapes will either be returned to you or we will take care of the disposal on request.
The various types of tape (SD, HD ...) are inserted into our tape machines, copied to our server and filed. You will receive the digitalized result either on hard disk, or, with smaller data volumes, via data cable. Additionally, we offer the option of LTO storage and / or cloud storage.
Once digitalized, you can offer your content to any photo or footage archive for reuse. Or you might choose to distribute the content yourself, using either your own online platform or using a platform adapted by us to suit your purposes.

Alternatively, you may choose to distribute your content according to your preferences and/or restrictions (such as separation for commercial or non-commercial use) exclusively via our online licensing platform footage.framepool.com.
Our content managers are happy to answer your questions about partnership models, percentage participation in the proceeds (split), format requirements and content requirements.
Simple editing services, denoising, degraining, frame rate conversion, etc.
Keywording is performed both automated and manually, depending on your needs and source material. Historical subjects, for instance, are usually tagged manually.

Our offer – Best consultation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current environment, your portfolio of assets, and jointly develop a migration to monetisation strategy that is customized to fit your corporate objectives and maximize the return on your investment.


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