Metadata Management

Keywording process

Metadata management, based on expert keywording, is the key to both researching content, as well as protecting your intellectual property.

  • descriptive & associative keywords based on a defined vocabulary in 7 languages
  • tag technically relevant information
  • create company and/or product specific categories
  • assignment of advertising campaign information such as executive agency, film and post production, foreign material, buyouts, etc.
  • content description as continuous text
  • structured assignment of content to any number of categories
  • selective indexing service (automated / intellectual) based on content
  • grouping of assets with similar content into structured folders (BINS)
  • linked keywords help to deepen or extend research
  • clear references to legal requirements and usage restrictions or blocking notices
  • incorporation of corporate watermark/logo

The keywording process results in interactive keywords that can be displayed as button – each keyword branching to other, content related clips or assets.

Content description

A separate input field "Stock Video Description" offers the possibility to describe the subject content in the form of a continuous text.

Assigning content to company-, product- and archive-specific categories, allows for asset descriptions to be displayed in a structured manner.

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