New York City / 1939

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Female Secretary Secretary (Job) Homemaker Injured Person Office Work Service Occupation Policeman Dog Wolf Canis Canini Canidae Canidae Carnivora Eutheria Mammal Animal Living Being Pet (Animal) Pedestrian
Limping Frisking Shattering Breaking Breaking Down Spilling Out Paperwork Writing Colliding (Collision) Handcrafting Washing Oneself Grooming Climbing Stairs Walking On Stairs Sliding (Skidding) Holding On Holding Balance Washing Cleansing (Procedure) Logistics Burning Typing Bathing Transport Jumping Running Playing Working Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Looking Sensory Perception Walking
Recording location
Wall Street (Street) Lower Manhattan Manhattan New York City New York State East Coast (USA) USA North America America
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Road User Traffic Artificial Leg Prosthesis Bumper Vehicle Depot Station Railway Facility Trinity Church (New York City) Church Sacred Structure Soapbox One-legged Amputee Disability Water Pump Pegging Out Washing Housework Typewriter Flat-bottomed Boat Boat Watercraft Open-Plan Office Office Work Windowpane Glas Pane Glass (Material) Warning Sign Sign (Signboard) Underground Train Underground Railway Rail (Railway) Land Vehicle Clothesline (Laundry) Dirt (Dirtiness) Hitting (Sport) Ball Sports Sports Barge Cargo Ship Ship Elevated Railway Steam Train Train (Vehicle) Railway Scene of the Accident Railway Bridge Bridge (Architecture) Goods Train Coal Ghetto Riverboat Baseball (Sports) Broken Cooker Kitchen Appliance Household Appliance Device Steam Locomotive Locomotive Laundry (Clothes) Textile Wooden House House Building (Edifice) Cargo Accident Bucket Inland Navigation Ship Transport (Traffic) Commuter Slum Risk Desolate Work Trip Traveling Train Wood Construction Pauperism Excavator Commercial Vehicle Motor Vehicle Tram Chimney (Architecture) Freight Transport Financial District District City Curiosity Taxi Car Housing Development Desk Table (Furniture) Furniture Damaged Stairway Public Transport Police Danger Feeling Vintage Car Office Building Steam (Vapor) Rail Vehicle Row Lifestyle (Daily Life) Smoke Fire (Flame) Adolescent People Facade Harbor City Traffic Road Traffic Skyscraper High-rise Residential Building Industry Building Exterior Boy Male (Human) Hand Girl Female (Human) Child Megacity Metropolis (City) Large City River Body of Water Water (Liquid) Historical Footage Woman Man (Human) Adult Day Stock Footage
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Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Indoor Shot Outdoor Shot
Canis Lupus Familiaris Canis Lupus Canis Canini Canidae Canoidea Carnivora Eutheria Mammalia Animalia

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