Richard Nixon / Presidential Campaign / USA / 1960
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Pat Nixon, Republican National Convention, Primary Election, Richard Nixon, Police Escort, Placard, Republican Party, Election Victory, Small Flag, Marching Band, Presidential Campaign, Lectern, Candidate, Cabriolet, US President, Chicago, Support, Making Music (Instrument), Applauding, Microphone, American, Speech, Handshake, Cheering (Jubilating), Greeting, Vintage Car, Personality, Politician, Crowd, Standing, Playing, Driving (Procedure), Walking, Historical Footage, Man (Human), Day,

Republican National Convention / California / USA / 1964
William Scranton, Barry Goldwater, George W. Romney, Henry Cabot Lodge, Nelson Rockefeller, Republican National Convention, Republican Party, Gathering (Assembly), Headquarters, Presidential Candidate, Presidential Elections, Banner (Sign), Tram, American Flag, Applauding, Office, Airport, Politician, Aeroplane, Crowd, Worker (Human), Skyscraper, California, City View, Speaking, Driving (Procedure), Car, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Day, Stock Footage,

Richard Nixon / Presidential Campaign / White House / USA / 1960
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Cabinet (Politics), Richard Nixon, Study (Workroom), Republican Party, Vice President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, White House (Washington), Presidential Campaign, Candidate, US President, Support, Meeting (Organized Gathering), Washington (City), American, Desk, Conversing, Personality, Politician, Standing, Sitting, Capital City, Group of People, Historical Footage, Man (Human), People, Day,

Meeting / UN / New York City / Dec 14, 1955
Arkady Sobolev, José Maza, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., UN General Assembly, Reading Out Loud, Polling, Debate, Cold War, Hand Raised, Democracy, President (Politics), Meeting (Organized Gathering), Microphone, International Relation, Elections, Chair (Seat), Personality, Politician, Table (Furniture), Audience (People), New York City, Political Building, Standing, Sitting, Smiling, Joy, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, People,

John F. Kennedy / Presidential Elections / USA / 1960
New York Mirror, Henry Cabot Lodge, Hyannis, Joseph P. Kennedy, Rose Kennedy, Acceptance Speech, Button (Badge), Caroline Kennedy, Pat Nixon, Lady Bird Johnson, Counting Out, Mamie Eisenhower, Teletypewriter, Electoral Roll, Republicans (Spain), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Throwing In, Message Board, Polling Booth, Richard Nixon, Election Result, Lyndon B. Johnson, Republican Party, Kiosk, Reading Out Loud, Vice President, Voting Box, Ticker, Polling, Democratic Party, Gathering (Assembly), Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ballot, John F. Kennedy, Headquarters, Result, Headline, Presidential Candidate, Highlights1511, Signing, Presidential Elections, Queue, Photographic Equipment, US President, Film Camera, News Media, Boston, Patience, Pennsylvania, Mishap, Photoflash, Democracy, American Flag, Applauding, Microphone, Journalist, Helicopter (Aircraft), Waving (Sway), Speech, Handshake, Head of State, Waiting, Historic Event, Photographing, Greeting, Photographic Camera, Church Steeple, Landing (Flying), Son, Daughter, Father, Sign (Signboard), Personality, Mother, Politician, Crowd, Residential Building, Building Exterior, California, Girl, Night, Child, Historical Footage, Man (Human), Adult, Day, Stock Footage,

Vietnam War / 1960 - 1979
Henry Cabot Lodge, Cease Fire Accord, War Returnee, Kim Il-sung, Peace Negotiation, Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, Lyndon B. Johnson, Vietnam War, Dropping (From the Air), Ambassador (Diplomat), Military Helicopter, Aerial Bomb, Bombarding, Contract, Prisoner of War, Signing, Hanoi, Aerial Warfare, Destroying, Air Attack, Cannon, Cockpit (Aeroplane), US President, Loading, Reporter, Pilot (Airoplane), Press Conference, Highlights1621, United States Air Force, Crossing (Action of Crossing), Warfare, Navigation, G.I., Explosion, American Flag, Meeting (Organized Gathering), Journalist, Head of State, Historic Event, US Army, Landing (Flying), Starting, Financial Management, Rainforest, Politician, Fire (Flame), Paris (France), Night, Working, Megacity, Capital City, River, Walking, Historical Footage, USA, People, Day, Stock Footage,

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